Casa, the home textiles, and house wares retail shop launched in 2007.
Casa’s goal is to offer quality merchandise at medium high prices; to maintain a wide assortment of merchandise; to present merchandise in a distinctive manner designed to maximize customer convenience and reinforce customer perception of wide selection; and to emphasize dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

Casa sells a wide assortment of merchandise including domestic and international brands in home textiles.

Egyptian Engineering & Trading Center "Bacha-Tex" / PACHA HOME (local brand) provides the cheap - chic subsidiary of the Egyptian textile house wares that are exported to all international brands

Mora Spain (International Brand) is presented in over than 63 countries worldwide, also the largest production company that manufactures and markets different products ranges related to household, and linens. Mora is a considered a pioneer in the home textiles industry since 70 years ago, and it kept its self as a benchmark for all textiles manufacturer during the same period.

Casa relies on ‘word of mouth, geographical presence advertising’, together with its reputation for offering a wide assortment of quality merchandise, supplemented by the use of paid advertising.

Casa places a strong focus on customer service, and satisfaction, and seeks to make shopping for home textiles as pleasant and convenient as possible.

Casa’s mission is to create a trading entity that has the capacity to encompass the complex international and domestic economic climates that shape trading conditions around the world today.

At Casa, the strategic objective is to build and enhance our brands represented, by positioning it in the marketplace in a positive and compelling manner without ever losing the focus of the individual brand’s core and identity.
Adhering to this business philosophy will, no doubt, ensure the financial success of the retail chain. CASA